Le attività

Casa al Sargente is situated in the municipal area of Serravalle Pistoiese, on the road joining Collina (with its beautiful 18th century Villa Tonti and the modern church designed by architect Giovanni Michelucci) and Vinacciano.
Overlooked by an old pentagonal tower from the 14th century (mentioned in a novella by Sacchetti), Vinacciano preserves all the charm of an ancient Tuscan hamlet.
The castle, which is mentioned in an edict of the year 998, played an important role in the Middle Ages and was the backdrop for fierce conflicts on many occasions. It began to assume the appearance we see today from the late 16th century with the construction of the Palazzo Dal Gallo and extension of the church of Santa Lucia.
Today we can still appreciate the gradual work of the local population who, over time, shaped and tamed the hilltops, transforming the face of the land into a perfect landscape. Here the expanses of olive groves, fields and long rows of vines alternate with boundless woodlands.
Thanks to its proximity to the city of Pistoia and its own pleasant features this area has become particularly sought-after by those who appreciate the importance of the quality of an old-fashioned way of life.
Our countryside and its landscape, seasons, flavours and aromas still offer the pleasure of life on a human scale.

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